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Kalyan Offshore is one of the fastest growing marine construction and transportation companies in the Northeast. We are proud to have made the distinguished list of the New York State Marine Towing Association's "Top 5 Fastest Growing Companies in New York " for Four Consecutive Years.   We currently operate a range of vessels designed to carry out your projects and transport a wide variety of cargo to any offshore installation or location, as well as the support vessels to insure your success.

We pride ourselves on our Can-Do attitude. We have been at this a long time. Let us show you a truly dedicated, professional marine services company in action.


Kalyan Offshore is totally committed to the needs and expectations of our customers.  We will continually grow and excel; keeping quality, customer satisfaction, health, safety, and environmental concerns at the forefront. We are totally committed to your success and will always provide the highest quality vessels crewed with the industry's most competent personnel for your projects.

Kalyan Offshore is a full-service marine service provider with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and experienced crews. Isn't it time we served you?

Give us a call at (315) 255 - 6955. We Make It Happen!

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